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MWE New Player Invitations for HS/Youth Teams (2018-19)

08/15/2018, 11:30am CDT

Nationally ranked program extends invitations to new players...

Thank you to all 318 players that attended MWE HS and Youth tryouts in Oklahoma and Texas over the last 2 weekends.

We have already extended invitations and heard back from most of you but there are some incorrect email addresses on the registrations forms. 

Here is the list of the new players that we have extended invitations to from those that attended our tryouts. It does not reflect those that are already in the MWE program, those that were already invited before tryouts, have committed or attended a private tryout. It is not the team's actual roster.

If your name is on the list, please email us asap:

We will continue to update this list throughout the day (Wednesday, August 15th)

2020 Grads
Wesberry, H.
Orr, D.
Jones, G.
Pegg, J.
Limbaugh, A.
Felter, R.
Rae, C.
Parsons, C.
Williams, D.
Wilson, S.

2021 Grads
Hopson, C.
Byers, M.
Sleeper, J.
Gresham, N.
Goodner, E.
Puccino, T.
Coronado, L.
Selby, J. 
Gallegos, A.
Moseby, E. 
Taylor, L.
Stephenson, C.

2022 Grads
Blue, G.
Davidson, C.
Hunter, N.
Harper, B.
Harrison, K.
Brewer, B.
Martin, B.
Vance, C.
Hackley, Z.
Garcia, R.
Ninness, G.
Tracy, O.
Seeley, K.
Stewart, T.
Bellar, D.
Muse, J.
Andrews, B.
Harbeson, A.
Alonzo, B.
Del Moral II, J.
Humphrey, M.
Goodson, C.
Finlay, B.
Storts, B.
Shades, Z.
Morgan, B.
Johnson, G.
Carollo, S.

Tahbonemah, C.
Eliis, D.
Resetar, C.
Bryant, B.
Smith, N.
Ramage, A.
Rash, J. 
Koop, J. 
Francis, W. 
Davis, T. 
Harriger, J. 

Caldwell, B.
Villa, I.
Shropshire, J.
Duncan, S.
Jones, T.

13u (Majors)
Howe, C.
Moore, G.
Robinson, H.
Allen, C.
Harbeson, K.
Horn, R.
Halverson, N.
Stewart, C.
Rinehart, K.
Davis, P.
Wind, D.
Lopez, L.
Sykes, J.
Roberson, G.

13u (AAA)
Egenbacher, C.
Harjochee, J.
Perkins, E.
McAuliffe, R.
Streber, H.
Navanick, H.
Jackson, R.
Baxter, B.
Phan, N.
Michael, E.
Tipton, G.
Crosier, B.
Stefansky, J.
McDonald, M.

12u (Majors)
Akin, B.
Cameron, R.
Ma, N.
Berry, J.
Rayfield, K.
Leader, C.
Rother, C.
Palmer, J.
Johnson, W.
Eastep, L.
Diesselhorst, C.

12u (AAA)
Hunter, J.
Bowling, L.
Strain, N.
Gaylord, C.
Taber, A.
Blankenship, R.
Schoepflin, E.
Karpe, M.
Hines, C.

Stevens, S.
Livingston, L.
Chavez, M.
Reynolds, D.
Picott, D.
Trogden, B.
Dahlgren, R.
Duffy-Relf, A.
Schmidt, C.
Lopez, J.
Vickers, C.

McLaren, B.
Baker, B.
Ponce, C.
Digby, C.
Bailey, B.
Langford, B.
Gibson, L.
Pineda, J.
Brown, C.

Roberson, J.
May, H.
Smith, C.
Schmidt, C.
Gaylord, C.
Moore, D.
Walker, C.
Easterling, H.
Rodriguez, D.
Powell, W.
McDonald, A.

Wampler, L.
Carpenter, C.
Glasgow, D.
Alonzo, J.
Berend, C.
Bowles, K.
Skeeler, M.
Rivas, D.
Southerland, C.
Bridges, B.
Tries, R.
White, K.
Lee, B.
Wort, J.
May, H.
Rose, J.




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